Intelligent Transportation Systems

Throughout the region, the existing transportation network is equipped with various forms of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS refers to the use of technology to manage the transportation system more effectively, improve its efficiency, and make it easier to use.

In the Nashville area, TDOT uses dynamic message signs along interstates to provide important traffic-related messages to motorists. Similarly, radar detectors and video cameras have been installed on the interstates to alert transportation officials to a slow-down that could indicate that an incident has occurred. Faster response and clearance of these incidents reduces traffic congestion and helps prevent “secondary” incidents from occurring when motorists slow down to look or swerve to avoid a stopped vehicle. Local jurisdictions are using ITS to improve signal coordination along important arterial routes, and to establish traffic management centers where data is collected and analyzed.

Over the long term, the local and state efforts are coordinated through a plan known as the ITS Regional Architecture. This plan spells out what types of data are being collected by each agency, what will be shared, and the compatibility needs for equipment. The regional architecture is continuously updated.

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Updating our ITS Architecture & Deployment Plan

The Nashville area has undertaken several deployments of ITS programs throughout the region. These programs have come from multiple agencies and cover multiple transportation modes. In 2016 the MPO will seek consultant assistance to evaluate current intelligent transportation systems across the region to develop recommendations for how to upgrade traffic signals, parking management, transit customer information, and real-time construction information, and to prepare for emerging technologies such as connected vehicles and integrated communications systems.

2003 ITS Architecture & Master Plan cover

2003 ITS Architecture & Master Plan

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2010 ITS Architecture Update

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