Hadley Bend Connector Conceptual Feasibility Study (TOLL)

Study Overview

This report evaluates the feasibility of constructing the Hadley Bend Connector, a toll bridge across the Cumberland River near the Old Hickory Dam between Sumner and Davidson Counties. The report includes a preliminary traffic and revenue study, an estimate of project costs, and a conceptual finance plan.  

Major Findings

The proposed Hadley Bend Connector is located in the northeastern portion of the metropolitan Nashville region and would provide an additional north-south route between Davidson and Sumner Counties via bridges over the Cumberland River. A second configuration was studied that would extend the proposed project south to an intersection with SR 155, completing a bypass of I-65 for trips to the southeast of Nashville. 


The report recommends the following actions to be undertaken by TDOT:

- Include the Hadley Bend Connector in the Northeast Corridor Major Investment
Study in order to evaluate this project in a regional transportation context
- Consider funding projects through tolls, rather than traditional funding mechanisms
- Perform a project-specific estimate of construction costs
- Employ a financial advisor to prepare a sophisticated financial model comparing
federal lending programs, 3P, or concessionaire financings. 





  • Hadley Bend Connector Conceptual Feasibility Study (TOLL)

Completion Date

  • 2007


  • Wilbur Smith Associates

Study Partners

  • TDOT
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