Southwest Area Transportation and Land Use Study

Study Overview

The Nashville Area MPO completed work on the Southwest Area Transportation Study in 2012 as it sought to coordinate growth planning across the southern portion of the Nashville metropolitan region in order to identify important regional transportation investments, and to assist local governments in updating local comprehensive plans.

This scenario planning effort yielded a preferred vision for growth and development in Williamson County and neighboring jurisdictions. The report also included corresponding recommendations for local land use and transportation plans and policies. 

Major Findings

The Southwest Area Transportation and Land Use Study was largely developed around several modeled land use scenarios. The "Preferred Growth" scenario was developed by modifying three of the four land use model attributes in particular locations of Williamson, Davidson, and Rutherford Counties. These were parcel suitability, future land use, and character area. Target growth areas were not used in the Preferred Growth scenario. Instead, character areas in particular were structured such that growth allocations were allowed to occur where land use conditions most realistically dictated. Population, employment, and transportation forecasts are described in detail in the report.


The report provides the following recommendations of this Southwest subregional study:

1. Work towards developing a more robust subregional transportation network by planning for a coordinated system of facilities within the study area.
2. Continue to plan and implement improvements congruent with regional growth objectives as developed by the MPO.
3. Build increasingly closer coordination linkages between adjacent planning jurisdictions in the study area. 





  • Southwest Area Transportation and Land Use Study

Completion Date

  • 2012


  • RPM Transportation Consultants (Lead Consultant)
    LLC with Hawkins Partners, Inc.
    Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
    Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

Study Partners

  • Nashville Area MPO
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