nMotion MTA/RTA Strategic Plan

Study Overview

nMotion 2015 is the MTA/RTA's Strategic Plan, a 20-year comprehensive plan designed to meet the Nashville area's vision for transit. The plan will look at how the transit system works today and identify opportunities to enhance the transit system, improve service, attract and retain new riders and meet the growing needs of the Nashville region. Throughout the project, the public will engage in developing the blueprint of actions to make the best opportunities a reality.

Major Findings

  • Nashville MTA/RTA has developed three future scenarios for Middle Tennessee and Nashville’s transit future. Each scenario demonstrates different ways that Nashville could develop public transit through 2040 by showing where improvements could be made, but differ largely in the level of transit improvements that would be implemented.

  • Scenario 1: A Comprehensive Regional System
    A Comprehensive Regional Transit System would provide very convenient service in much of Davidson County and strong regional connections. 

  • Scenario 2: Bus-Focused Expansion
    Bus-Focused Expansion would provide many of the same improvements as the Comprehensive Regional Transit System, but would focus on bus service improvements to reduce costs, and expand and improve service to a lesser extent. 

  • Scenario 3: Modest Improvements
    Modest Improvements would make existing services more robust and make transit more convenient and attractive in areas that are already served. 


The nMotion process is still underway - view the study website for more information. 





  • nMotion MTA/RTA Strategic Plan

Completion Date

  • Ongoing, 2016


  • Nashville MTA/RTA

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  • Nashville MTA/RTA
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