2040 RTP Public Meeting - Maury County

Over the last year, the MPO as been working with partners around Middle Tennessee on an update to the Regional Transportation Plan, last adopted in December 2010. With the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan, mayors and county executives from across Middle Tennessee demonstrated their commitment to a new way of thinking about transportation policy and programs. The plan rests on the view that transportation infrastructure is more than just a tool to improve mobility - it is a significant contributor to the overall health, sustainability, prosperity, and character of a place - be that a small community or a large metropolitan region.

Public meetings to review the Regional Transportation Plan have been scheduled for each county between Jan 28 and Feb 10. 



  • 2040 RTP Public Meeting - Maury County


  • Nashville Area MPO


  • Jan 28, 2016
    5-7 p.m.


  • Columbia Police Department



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  • Nashville Area MPO
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