Active Transportation Program

Call-for-Projects, FYs 2017-2020

2018 ATP Schedule


Beginning in January, the MPO will accept applications from public agencies located within the MPO planning area to help advance regional initiatives to improve walking and bicycling infrastructure in Middle Tennessee. The Active Transportation Program is authorized by the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan as a way to advance the region's policy initiative to support active transportation and the development of walkable communities.

Eligible Applicants

Public sector agencies located within the MPO planning area, including state and local governments and transit agencies, are eligible to apply. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to contact a local government agency or transit agency for partnering opportunities.

Eligible Projects

Projects must meet the federal eligibility requirements associated with the Federal Highway Administration Surface Transportation Program AND advance regional initiatives to improve the availability, safety, and convenience of active forms of transportation. Funding can be used to implement a stand-alone project or supplement an existing project to ensure the inclusion of non-motorized modes (e.g., adding sidewalks to a road widening project).

Examples of eligible projects:

Match Requirements

A 20 percent match is required and must be provided from some source other than federal grant funds. Each application is required to be accompanied by a letter from the principal elected official or chief executive of the applicant agency indicating that local matching funds are available during the project's proposed timeline.

Proposal Evaluation & Selection Process

Project Selection occurrs in three stages and involves participation by MPO staff, MPO BPAC, MPO Technical Coordinating Committee, and MPO Transportation Policy Board. Following qualitative assessment by the MPO staff, qualitative review by members of the MPO Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the third stage of evalutation includes final rankings for projects by MPO staff, taking into consideration FYs 17-20 TIP budget constraints, the performance history of projects sponsors, the long-term sustainability of the project, and consistency with the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan.

Upon action by the Transportation Policy Board, letters will be mailed to award recipients with instructions on how to move forward with the contracting process.

Application Document & Submission Instructions

Application Materials Now Available!

Send completed application packets to Ms. Lou Edwards,, by 2:00 PM on Friday, March 9, 2018.


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