Call-for-Projects for 2040 Plan

The development of the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan began in 2011 as the MPO began several major studies throughout the region to update regional planning models, evaluate transit options, analyze the benefits of improvements to walking and biking facilities, and identify the most appropriate methods of managing roadway congestion over the next two and a half decades. The first major milestone was a call-for-projects to solicit transportation improvement proposals from public agencies across the region.

Major Milestones and Deadlines

March 2014 Presentation of future travel demand & roadway deficiencies to the MPO's Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) and MPO Board.
June 4 Unofficial call-for-projects announced at the TCC meeting.
June 18 Official call-for-projects announced at the MPO Executive Board.
August 7 Initial deadline: Local government members to provide the MPO with the status of projects currently in the plan and a prioritized list of any new projects.
September 30 Final deadline: State and local government members to submit complete project proposals through the online application system (coming soon).
Septemer - December County workshops: Review and discuss existing and future transportation needs, project proposals, and planning process with local elected officieal, business leaders, and community partners
October 1 TCC workshop on revenue forecasts and project evaluation criteria.
November 12 Joint TCC/ Board Meeting: Endorse 2040 guiding principles, goals, and objectives; candidate projects; and priorities for the TDOT 3-year work program.
November 2014 - March 2015 MPO evaluation, optimization, and prioritization of candidate projects
March-August County workshops: Review and discuss project evaluations, funding needs and limitations, and regional priorities
June-September Draft 2040 Plan Document
October-December State & federal compliance review
December 9 Joint TCC/ Board Meeting: Endorsement of 2040 Plan
December - February Public review & comment period, Countywide Open Houses
February 2016 Adoption hearings

Project Evaluation & Prioritization

With little chance that there will be enough funding around to pay for all transportation improvements identified over the next few months, the MPO will evaluate each candidate project for its ability to fulfill regional goals for livability, sustainability, prosperity, and diversity. The following are some of the questions that will guide that analysis.


Roadway Safety


Availability of Transportation Choices

Socio-Cultural Resources/ Natural Environmental

Title VI/ ADA Compliance

System Preservation/ Financial Sustainability

Economic Benefit

Consistency with Plans